Post Abortion Support

The Midtown Pregnancy Support Center recognizes that many women and men suffer with unresolved feelings following an abortion. These feelings may surface right away or may not appear until years afterwards. Grief following an abortion is rarely discussed, which often makes it harder to come to terms with unresolved feelings.

Post Abortion Support and Healing

The Midtown Pregnancy Support Center offers one-on-one after abortion support for women and men struggling after an abortion, as well as an after abortion support group.

The Post Abortion Support Group lasts eight weeks and provides an environment for women to speak openly about their past abortions with others who share similar experiences. The purpose of the group is to provide healing and restoration to women experiencing negative emotional effects from an abortion. Biblical scripture is used to facilitate healing, but women from all faith backgrounds are welcome.

The Post Abortion Support Group is free (with the exception of a one-time $10 fee for materials), confidential, and led by two client advocates who have experienced healing from abortion.

If you are dealing with negative emotion consequences stemming from the termination of a pregnancy, please get in touch with Midtown Pregnancy Support Center.

For more information call MPSC at (212) 689-1705, press 0 or contact us today.