MPSC is now Avail

ATTENTION: Midtown Pregnancy Support Center has recently changed our name to Avail.
Please visit our new website for information about our services or to make an appointment.

Call us to schedule a same-day appointment (availability may vary) – 212-689-1705
Same Day Appointments available Monday through Friday during business hours.
Midtown Pregnancy Support Center
110 East 40th Street, Suite 706
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-689-1705

We offer free pregnancy testing and early ultrasound scans* to confirm how many weeks pregnant you are, and to verify that your pregnancy is viable. If you think you are pregnant, making an appointment for an ultrasound (sonogram) is an important first step to gain complete information about your pregnancy so you can make an informed next step. Besides verifying the length of the pregnancy, you will be able to speak to a support staff that will help you gather important information about your pregnancy, your options, and your next steps.

“The diagnosis of pregnancy requires a multifaceted approach using 3 main diagnostic tools. These are history and physical examination, laboratory evaluation, and ultrasonography.”
~ Medscape

During your confidential appointment, you (and your partner) will meet with a trained client advocate to discuss a full range of pregnancy options.  A decision making tool will help you consider your options: if considering, medically accurate information about abortion, abortion procedures, and an abortion health & safety checklist is available; information and holistic support on considering and choosing to parent,  and information and referrals on the many adoption arrangements.  You will want to feel confident and comfortable with your decision.

The Midtown Pregnancy Support Center is the first step for NYC women (and couples) experiencing symptoms of pregnancy or facing an unplanned pregnancy. We provide you with accurate pregnancy test and ultrasound scans  that will determine the number of weeks of your pregnancy, information on all your options,  and mental and emotional support in a safe, confidential environment.

Our private and professional Midtown center offers you healthy, holistic support and access to over 400 practical referrals and resources so you can face the future with confidence and hope.

Call 212-689-1705, press 0 to make an appointment.  We do not take walk-ins to help protect the privacy of our clients.

“Very professional and caring people, made me feel better.”

“It’s important to remember that you have options.”

*MPSC has arrangements with a women’s medical clinic to offer our clients ultrasound scans to confirm the pregnancy is located within the uterus, and to help you determine how many weeks pregnant you are. The ultrasound scans are provided free of charge and are completely confidential for our clients. Results are available the same day.

Performing ultrasound tests during pregnancy is a very safe and painless procedure. The ultrasound uses no radiation exposure. We do not use ultrasound to determine sex. Other restrictions may apply.